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Design Project-1

Upcyling Clothing Brand


This is a Design project of corporate identity and Conscious Clothing was given to us as a main topic. After doing the basic research on that we have to come up with our subtopic / final topic for the project. 


Sustainable Fashion

It is also known as Eco-fashion. It is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. 

Why sustainable fashion and upcycling fashion is important?

After that I studied existing upcycling brand. One thing that I have noticed after researching about all those brands is that the price range is bit high. Which is not affordable by middle class people. So I want to create a new upcycling brand which is affordable for them.

Wear Again

Wear Again is upcycling clothing brand for females of all age bracket. The motive of “Wear Again” is to encourage the women to wear their old clothes again, restyled with the current fashion trend. Our main vision is on upcycling their clothes and reviving their memories attached with them and encouraging zero waste fashion.

Brand Guidelines:
Logo Usage:
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