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Book cover design

The Palace of Illusions


This story is about Draupadi (Panchali). It's half history, half myth and wholly magical...

It is narreted by Panchali, wife of the five Pandava brothers, the novel traces her life from fiery birth and lonely childhood, to marriage, motherhood and her secret attraction to the mysterious man. 

In this project, we have to select any book and re-designed a book cover for it, with only using illustrations.

Original book cover:

Draupadi is main character in this novel, so I decided to use some element of her in my

re-design. And also the palace of illusion.

Final design:

In this book cover I have illustrated a palace to represent the palace of illusions. There is a lady in red saari in the back of the cover, whose saari is flying in air through back to front which is inspired from the scene of "Vastraharan" from Mahabharat to depict that she is Draupadi. 

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