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Design Project-2

Food Truck


This is a Design project on hidden and lost recipes of our culture. Specifically I chose Guajarati culture's Lost Recipes.

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Gujarati food culture

The people of Gujarat have perfected the art of vegetarian cooking and their cuisine is a delectable and mouth watering. Many Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty and spicy at the same time.

Lost Recipes


Then I did a small survey and interviewed some. After doing that, I came to know that not only elders but people of my generation are also interested in their own culture. I also asked them that what they thinks about the reason behind this and the most common thing is that they are time consuming and now people are very much influenced by western culture. I also asked them would they like to explore them? And if there will be a food joint will they go there? And most of them said yes. They were quite excited about it.

Desi Wagon

Desi Wagon is a food truck which serves authentic Gujarati food especially Lost and forgotten recipes. The main aim is to promote our culture’s food and revive these recipes. It serves pure vegetarian, healthy and nutritious dishes. The motive is to encourage people to eat more food that belongs to their culture and eat healthy and nutritious food.

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